Thursday, October 30, 2014

Learning how to get people out of your grill

People have opinions.  I know this may seem obvious but as someone who until recently felt like I didn't show up in people's radar, it's sort of a new concept. I also more recently have felt more sure of my decisions and feel possibly less reseptive or less tolerant in people's opinions, in certain situations.  

It's hard to not swing completely one way or another when you go through something so specific that makes so many people royally uncomfortable. As a consequence people give you their opinions about things that you do or have happen to you without you asking.  When I ask, I want it and when I don't I don't.  

So, I am slowly learning how to get people out of my grill.  

This has mainly occurred at work. I work with a number of individuals that act that if you aren't doing things to further your career in the way they would, then "you're doing it wrong". As a consequence this results in a lot unsolicited advice about how I should further my career. 

This senerio is actually the perfect time to learn to stand up for myself and stop the behavior, without getting too mad and not revealing my whole "hand". I'm almost at the point where I'm going to scream "I have a career plan and it has nothing to do with you" but I realize that is unproductive. So, I'm learning how to get around the behavior without killing people and slowly getting there. By standing up for myself I've realized I can stop people from doing certain things and I deserve to not have go suffer through behavior that annouyes me. 

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