Friday, November 29, 2013


28 nov 2013
This year was a little different because 
A) we held it at park st
B) I did a large portion of the cooking
C) both Holm men were away 

Since we were down two members my mom and I decided that it would be fun to have everything at our house. Especially since it's probably the last thanksgiving that park st will be ours, so why not enjoy it. 

I came over early to begin the prep. Actually the prep started the night before with some dicing of the Brussel sprouts.  But anyways, I knew I needed to start early because I had about 5 things to make. 

The bible that was used

Cause who doesn't like comfort food. I've had this cookbook for a while and it has a number of really good stuff. 

The plan was 
- Brussel sprout slaw
- butternut squash "casserole" 
- sweet potato spears 
- mashed potatos 
- roasted broccoli 
- biscuits 

So clearly I needed a lot of time to work. The broccoli and sweet potatos were low labor items, and easy I cook.  I did not know that cumin worked on sweet potatos but it was yummy. 

My favorite item was the slaw. Which included Dijon mustard, bacon and peacans. It came out quite good, and bonus... LOTS of leftovers.  

The only fail was the butternut squash. I used a recipie that was actually for yellow squash. It was ok. It included coconut milk, paprkia and peacans... It was a very peacan heavy recipie. Anyways, it just wasn't great. I think the squash was a bit underdone. And the spicing could have been better. But everything else came out great and we had a lovely meal. 

My aunt was incharge of the pie. Which was apple cranberry and great. 

And the night finished off with a hunger games marathon. We watched the first one at home before heading up to chestnut hill to watch the second. 

Quite the action packed day. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Great,,, well week


Well initially I was going to call this post great day, but then I realized it was actually a pretty good week so I said why not talk about it all. 

Monday 18NO13
I had plans on Tuesday so I did some climbing after work on Monday.  It was a pretty good day, and I managed to conquer some hard routes.  Even though one I needed a few tries to get off the ground.  Its a fun mind game and I guess that's the reason I keep on coming back.

 Tuesday 19NOV13
Today I tried a new yoga class.  When I was in Austin I met someone who taught yoga at this studio in the sout end. They have a really good new student special so Laurel and I met up after work to try it.  I was completely underdressed for the walk over... fail... but it was a very cute space.  Very cozy and grounding.  The class was ok.  I didn't love how disjointed it felt.  But she offered a decent variety in the flow.  It made me even more excited to get to teacher training so I could more concretely diagnose why I didn't love it.

 Wednesday 20NOV13
Wednesday was relatively uneventful at work, but the fun began after work.  I had plans to meet someone to run the stadium at Harvard.  What pray tell is that?  Well you know football stadiums have stairs and "stairs" that are really chairs.  It looks sort of like this.
I have only done it once before, right when I first started crossfit again and it was AWFULE.  So I was really curious to see how it would go.  I set my timer for 30 minutes, saying ok... that should be good.  And it wasn't bad at all.  I mean after the first one, I had a moment of "holy crap" but then I just chugged along and managed to do half.... or 18 rounds in 30 minutes.  So that was awesome.  But actually the best part was the fact I could walk to next day.  My calfs were sore, but nothing ridiculous.  So that was ever better

Thursday 21 Nov13

Thursday was another post work fun time.  Every year that I've been there biogen has done a turkey drive.  They donate the turkeys and the employees donate boxes of food.  Thanksgiving being next Thursday it was time to go to BJS and load up on bulk non-perishables.  So Mari and I went after work.  It was actually kind of fun because when else are you going to get something like 30 cases of caned veggies.  And for a day where no workout was planned the loading and the unloading of the pallet felt good.

After BJS we went to Burger Dive.  Its a restaurant near my place.  They do burgers  and fries and all sorts of other deliciousness.  So we had dinner and had fun with the burger car out front.  It was very fun to have a low key social evening, and its always fun to sit and chat.

Friday 22NOV13

Today was an awesome day.  I decided Thursday to take a half day from work and go to the BSO performance of a world premier bassoon concerto by Neikrug.  The rest of the performance was Falla "The three cornered hat" and Beethoven's sixth symphony.  When I got out of work  I hopped of the T to symphony hall.  I was lucky that Frank had the day off so I had some company for the experience which always really nice.  The performance was great and even with the Concerto being VERY new music it was pretty cool.  I definitely want to hear it again, to get a better understanding of what is going on. 

I almost forgot to mention my day actually started with awesomeness before that.  This week had been really busy (as if that wasn't obvious) so I only made it to crossfit that morning.  I wasn't super excited about the workout because it as 5 rounds max reps bench press and pull ups.  Neither movement I'm super excited about, but I went anyway.  I'm glad I did. I managed about 50 reps in totally (so average of 5 per movement per round) and did it with 93 lbs bench and 2 bands in the pull ups.  Both of which I was super excited about.  Its always great to start the day by physically surprising yourself.

After the symphony performance I made my way back to Cambridge for the night O' yoga. As usual it was great to get on the mat and chill the heck out.  I had a good practice at 5:30, then assisted the 6:45, then had another good practice at 8:15.  Once again I passed out at the end of class. Ooops. For those that don't know there is a difference between savasana and napping, and lately I've been blurring those lines.  Whatcha gonna do.  At least this time it was feet up the wall.  I've decided supported fish and I are best friends...because I can't NOT fall asleep.  Its like a sedative. Which is fun to know, but sometimes inconvenient.

And on a side note... I gained the at least temporary nickname, Luscious Hands of LoVE.  Holy awesomeness. thank you abby.

Saturday 23NOV13

I had to get up in fact far to early in my option because I was pooped, but I did because it was hair cut time.  I was trying a new salon care of mari's recommendation.  It was the Platinum Door Salon in Wilmington.  It was super cute and the stylist was really nice.  It was also easier to get to then getting the Harvard square, and they had parking.  I will be going back.

The rest of the day was pretty low key, acupuncture, thanksgiving shopping, and laundry. 

The low key day was great because I had some evening plans.  There was dancing to be had at Phoenix Landing in central square.  It was Kate's birthday so Sandy organized a group of yogi's and others and we hit up PL for a night of boogie down.  This was second time there, and it was really fun again.  I definitely forget how fun it is to boogie sometimes, especially somewhere that isn't fancy or stuffy.  So it was a great time, involving lots of bootie shacking.

Sunday 24NOV13

Well I went to sleep at 3am last night.  By product of out late and being keyed up.  Soooo today was a recoop day.  And I'm fixing to go Ambers yoga class in a bit.

See great week :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The day I set my 125 rep max


So if this morning is any indication of what the day will bring, it's going to be an awesome day. 

Where to begin? 

So I decided to get back into my 6am crossfit schedule since I actually realized that I missed going in the morning. So 5 am rolled around and I was up. 

Today's workout was tough 
5 rounds for time 
400 m run 
25 back squats (83#) 

Yes that means I did 125 back squats. 
My time was 32:49. Which is pretty good and I didn't have to put the bar down for any of the rounds.. So that was awesome. 

The other part of the work out 6x3 hand stand push ups. Which I love because who doesn't love being upside down. So as I was playing with that I inevitably ended up on my head. So I played a bit with headstand. First I tried going down to straddle leg split, and I sort of went up and down without touching. And that wasn't super hard, so I figured let's try to press up. And I did it, twice. Surprise to me the beginning of the press up is actually your hands... Who knew... 

I'm excited to practice that some more, and for what the rest of the day will bring. 

Last note... I almost hit the barrier coming into the garage at work... See good day cause I didn't actually hit it.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wanderlust is over... Final thoughts

Amazingness. That's my final thought. I am sitting here infront of the airport waiting a bit to go through security and enjoying the Texas weather and semi fresh air..... Tired to away from the smokers. And I feel great.  I had been letting the stress of life and my own making get in the way and I think this trip came at the perfect time. I feel cleansed, rejuivinated, and happy. Ready to float home on the yoga cloud and take on the day.  I'm thankful I found yoga and found this festival. The physical practice is so emotional and a lot healthier emotionally then say... Crossfit... Yes I said it. Though I will always believe that "badass" practice has a good place as well.  But yoga gives so much more balance and peace then crossfit ever will and for that I'm thankful I found it. And if you have the opportunity to go to a wanderlust festival. Go, just go... You won't regret it. 

You can see why I don't want to go inside quite yet. Between that and my newly aquirred dj drez album I am a happy traveler. 

On a different note my last meal in Austin was amazing... Thanks to the recommendation of Sarah. I went to moonshine grill. It was tasty. I'm glad I commited to going cause there was a wait, but that is the sign of a good restaurant... Lots of people on a Sunday. 

They had really interesting things, including interesting cocktails.. There was something that was basically a cranberry martini with champagne. I didn't end up trying it because I was so tired I knew it would go straight to my head. And i was still dealing with the effects of the detox class from the morning.  I did get cornflake crusted chicken salad and a side of Mac and cheese, which had a bacon flavor to it. Both were excellent. And well worth the wait. It was also fun sitting at the bar, since that's not something I typically do... Since I'm not usually alone.  One mistake... Got to a gross part of the Aron ralston story while eating... Willies abounded. 

All in all a Great trip! 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wanderlust day 3: the final count down


Today is the last day... Sadness. It's been an amazing experience so far and I know today will be the same. 

I crawled out of bed... I'm such a baby about not getting enough sleep.. Gave myself a "get a grip " pep talk and caffeinated for my first class... Which was at 8am... 

This was another Seane Corne class. Detox flow. Holy crap it was hard. I didn't really think about the fact detox classes tend to be tough... Cause they are detox, until I was talking to some girls I met yesterday. After a minor moment of "crap" I got over it and got excited. Seane has an amazing vibe. She's just so  calming and bare bones about teaching. It's this here's the flow.. Do it, sort of feel and I like that. She doesn't get super fluffy... Which personally annoyes me when I'm getting my ass kicked. The whole series was really interesting because it came in 3 parts. Lengthening, compression and twists. It made sense because you need to great space for the toxins to move, sort of squish the organs to get things going, and twist to whring it out.  It was amazing. There was one twist series that went from 
- crescent twist
- revolved pyramid
- revolved half moon 
- utkatasona twist
- standing L leg twist (ok not the name but I don't know the actual name) 
And to switch side take raised leg behind and tada your in crescent lung again.
I also have never been in standing leg split that many times in a flow... My outer hips were screaming. But it was awesome. 
And then I got to meet her

And on a side note: the detox served its purpose... Oh boy

In between classes I roamed around, visited the Toyota booth and made a mat spray, body scrub and tote bag (to add to the tote I made at wanderlust last year)  but hey free stuff is awesome. And decided to get a snack at the studios food place. Blenders and bowls. It was a different concept then I'd seen before. 

Admittedly a bit odd but tasty and looked pretty. 

My second class was called "kula flow: sweetened with honey" taught by Schuyler Grant.  This was a bit of an odd class. I couldn't get into it, maybe because I'm cooked. Maybe cause the flow was weird. She did a number if things with breathing that I couldn't get.. Utianadabanda Kira I think is what it's called. Also we did something that was basically crow legs but going into plank. There was a lot of horse pose, and some other really intense poses that I couldn't get into... Like I said, just wasn't feeling it. The one thing that I did like was the fact she gave amazing cues. So even though my body didn't like it I felt like my brain at least knew what was going on. So that's always good. I think she has a studio in NYC so I'd try it again I went to NYC. 

My third class was "Rhythmic vinyasa - synching with the natural pulse" taught by Shiva rea.   For those that don't know about her she does this thing called yoga transe dance, which I didn't take but  I knew going in she likes meditation movement. This class was cool because we started with egg shackers and did a meditation to music since dj drez was there as well. It was actually really calming and the interesting thing with movement mediation is its ways easier to clear your head. It was cool. Then we went to a vinyasa practice which was good. And it was very very slow. Which when your tired is tricky.  But it felt good for the most part. I say for the most part because I've gotten to the point were my body is so confused I'm not sure how I feel. 

I've been so happy I've done this and I will be on a yoga high for at least a week.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wanderlust day 2

09nov 2013

First thought this morning... Holy soreness captain. I managed to get up with mostly success and got myself ready and had breakfast... No breakfast sandwich today :( 

I decided while I was here that I'm going to not buy diet coke. I was doing good at home and then had a slip, but looking at the price / bottle (which admittedly I may have just not registered before) I couldn't do it, when I have coffee free in the mornings and in my room if I need a pick me up. So water it is.., though I may treat myself to a juice from the juice bar tomorrow. We'll see. 

Anyways. My. First class of the day was with shiva rea and it was called "pranadanda yoga : awaking the inner staff". She is admittedly a very interesting person and kind of intense.  The whole class was centered around finding your inner danda or staff while using this actually staff. We did a really cool opening meditiation standing in legs apart. It was about feeling the strength and power of our inner abilities and self and lengthening that out. We moved into doing a bunch of very flowy sequences using side angle pose, half squat, triangle  pose and warrior 2. It was pretty cool to become acutely aware of ones inner line. She admittedly talked a lot about utianadabanda, which is sort of the tie point between upper and lower half, and when we break the danda it's usually in that reason. We also moved into back bends and I took wheel for the first time in a LONG!!!! Time. Usually I don't bother but I was feeling it. Because it was a very flowy class it was actually pretty sweaty. So I was sort of cooked... And ready for lunch after that. 

After class I went to the kula market, and ran into Tim. We chatted a bit and then I roamed around for a bit. I actually also bought my first mala necklace. I'd been wanting one for awhile and so today was the day. 

It's really pretty and I liked the properties. 

I'll have to investigate further. 

I had my first Texas burrito at the taco shack next to the hall and enjoyed the intermittent sun while waiting for my next class to start. And got to listen to a really fun class being held on the roof top. 

Goal update: less new interactions today but did run into and speak to people from yesterday... So that's good :)

My second class of the day was Beastie yoga with dj drez taught by mc yogi. I was REALLY excited about this one because I love mc yogi.  And all I can say is that it was completely amazing and very sweaty. He made the entire class silly and great. We did crow at the beginning of class which was a holy shit. We did a ton of chatarungas and all sorts of other things.. We backed it up like a truck in reverse warrior 2. And there was a ton of butt shaking... It was clearly a hard class because my brain is cooked and I can't really think of anything else. Oh wait... Danced turned into dance move.. I don't know what it's called but it was awesome.  Ok I think that's it...

The last class of the day was Shadows and light: reclaiming the sacred feminine in all taught by Seane corne.  That was great as well. She did a lot of wide leg forwards which was funny because there where 400 people in the room. It had a really good energy. We did a seated meditation at the end and I actually forgot where I was. It was really cool. She also did a different approach to figure 4 arm balance which was really neat.  Pretty amazing and I'm glad to be taking another on from her tomorrow. 

After that I hobbled home for a little bit, before going to hear all the musical goodness that was to be offered. 

Dinner came in the form if a delisious fish taco from the whole foods truck.  It was actually a bit spicy for me, but still tasty. 

I consumed and went to hear the first artist. I had heard good things about this guy. Shakey Graves, apparently an Austin local. And described as new grass style( though I don't think that's an actual thing)  but he was really good.  I caught about half the set and it was definitely very folky but with a new twist. 

After the set was over I met up with tim, who made some other friends (more texans) and we watched some acro yoga action for a bit.  I haven't tried acro yet, but I got an offer to fly so... Tomorrow may be the day. 

I almost forgot they had an acro yoga performance... Holy amazing ness

That doesn't even do it justice. 

We chilled until MC Yogi and Dj Drez went on. They were freaking amazing. I mean I love his songs and his vibe anyway and live is just sooo cool. He did a couple of songs from the pilgramige album so I knew them and he even free styles a bit... One free style was to frere a jaquca ( pretty sure that not how that's spelled)  but it was amazing. And he ended with one light.... Which may be my favorite song EVER. 

After the concert we , well the rest of the group, I needed a. Little convincing... Decided to check out 6th street. (Austin's major music street) it was pretty cool... Loud, lots of drunk people... Military ball. Basically a more spread out version of bourbon st. But glad I experienced it. Who needs sleep anyway. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Wanderlust day 1... Taking Austin by storm


Goal : talk to people in meaningful ways 

Staying in nice hotels is great, though stupid me I figured out this morning that I had a black out shade... Dumb dumb. 

My first class wasn't until 10 so I had a relatively slow morning. The hotels continental breakfast is actually really good. They had all the essentials, fruit, yogurt and BREAKFAST sandwiches. Hurray. Ok maybe I'm a sucker for them but it's all about the simple pleasures.  I had a quick- ish breakfast and got my stuff together. I wanted to get there early today to make sure I knew what was what. 

The festival is being held at brazos hall and, coquincentally wanderlust yoga studio... Which is next door to it. It's all very compact but so far the weather is holding so being outside isn't bad. 

My first class was essential vinyasa in the mothership. With gioconda Parker.   I really liked it. I didn't realize when I signed up that it was more of basics class, but it was the perfect way to kick off the weekend. She went slow and methodically, which was nice... Since sometimes advanced classes feel a bit jumpy. The coolest thing she showed us was a way to get into flip dog without tweaking your shoulder (novel concept I know) basically you start in down dog, go to side plank, then bring your top foot behind you. It was sort of like the set up to rock star... And as your rotate your ribs the sky it opens you up while being gental on your shoulder. Hurray!!!! 
She also did some interesting things in engaging your core in salavasana by tucking your head and tightening your belly, then raising your head again... Hello abs. And if you bring your hand forward ( parallel to the floor in front of you in side angle ) you can lock your shoulder back in its socket and get more length when you go for extended or bound side angle. 

After the class I had a nice break so I walked around a bit. Walked up to sixth st.. Which is where the night life is in Austin. Definitely had the feel of walking around bourbon st during the day, and enjoyed a chicken swarma at extreme pita :) 

Goal update: so far I talked to four different people. Two from Austin and two from Boston actually, one teaches in the south end so will have to check it out when I get back. 

On another goal note. I made friends with this really nice man from Kentucky, named tim. He was in my fluid fire class and we ended up talking after. 

My next class was "fluid fire" with Chrispy Bhagat Singh and malia Scott.  It was awesome. The whole concept was to create the inner fire... Aka holy abs man... To burn away the toxins and rejuivinate the body. We did a tough flow with some pranayama meditiation at the end. And if anyone is in the area or has a chance to take a class with Chrispy... Holy crap this guy was amazing. If I wasn't in yoga coma right now I may be able to remember some of the stuff that he said but it was great... And a little weepy, but yoga weeping is always a good thing. 

After that class I went directly to "flip it and fly handstands for everyone" with Janet stone.  I was excited about this class because I don't have a handstand in my regular practice so learning more about them is even better. We did mostly partner work, so I was able to make friends with this women name Sid.  We did a few neat things to get into handstand prep. First we did assists on each other in inchworm pose. Which is delisious. Then we did this thing that was sort of like bridge but she held my feet and then I practiced keeping the center line by having to keep my feet together and up. We did that in plank as well. Then we moved over to the wall, started with working on keeping our ribs down by holding a block overhead. We did L sits on the wall. Then moved to helping each other into handstand with the wall. Then moved to a two person assist away from the wall. And guess what... I actually balanced for a few seconds each time. Woot woot. It was awesome. 

The other thing that was great about this class was it was my first yoga dance party. The great thing about wanderlust is so far all the class have had live music. In this class it had a dj and a pianist. So half way or at some point because with no watch I had no freaking clue we had a dance party... Legit... It was totally odd and totally awesome. 

After the class I boogied back to the hotel to dump my stuff. Since I had a bunch of stuff, yoga mat, back pack.. I also had a quick shower realized I brought enough undergarments to change for the evenings.... Woot woot. Yep in talking panties here people. Life is good. I had to be quick because I made plans with tim from earlier to get some dinner. So I made my way back to brazos hall. As it turned out rooted in Austin (the opening musical event ) actually had food so we saved some money and just ate there. It was all sorts of platters from whole foods, so it was good. And met some other fun people from New York City.. We even discussed how living in the northeast makes you naturally skeptical of people's niceness. We also listened to dj sukha who was really good. 

I called it a night pretty early because all that yoga I was tired. And got to do it again tomorrow... And it will be awesome. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wanderlust Austin day 0... The travel to day


Today began my second yoga adventure to wanderlust. I've been looking forward to it for awhile because... How to put this... Mama needs a vacation. So now that it's finally time I'm ready to get this party started.

The first thing I did, which is very atypical for me ( and the HOLMs in general ) I didn't book flights at stupid times, typically I leave at the crack of dawn, or after a full day of work. This time I poet not to do that. I had plenty of vacation so why not be relaxed about the whole thing. So this morning I had a nice leisurely morning in Newton before dad dropped me at te airport around 10. 

Checking in, getting through security, and waiting were uneventful. And then the VERY full flight started and I did something that I never do, I actually had a really nice conversation with the women sitting next to me. Usually I am the person who plops down, scowls and proceeds to read or whatever. But lately I've been thinking my "don't fuck with me" attitude isn't serving me well. So I'm trying to change... What better chance to practice then traveling in Texas... Where people are nicer anyway. 

So that will be my goal for the weekend. Stick self out there and see what happens. 

The rest of the travel was more typical...including a very cozy middle seat experience... Joy. 

I checked into the hotel, which woo hoo! Is really nice and went to dinner at ironworks. I got the recommendAtion from the people at the hotel. It was tasty.

And I finished the day watching Big Bang theory.  

Tomorrow lots of yoga 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Reminder that I'm a bad ass

02-nov 2013 / 01 nov 2013

So I've mentioned before that I am the extreme self undervaluer. It's a really horrible habit that I've been working to break, but this weekend I had a few different headways in the department. 

First was at yoga. Lately I've noticed I've been forgetting to breath. Seems basic but I've been so anxious and tense lately it's just slipped my mind... Literally. I was listening to the MC yogi ted talk on Friday and almost cried when I breathed with everyone one the tap... Something's got to change I think YES!  Anyway, first that happened, and then I was able to revamp my mantra while I practiced and assisted. 

My usual mantra is "I am enough". Simple and calming but admittedly not very strong. This Friday another one popped into my head... While practicing. "I am awesome" we're going to try this one on for awhile and see what happens. 

Saturday started with a trip to reebock headquarters in canton for a barbells for boobs event. I was the only athlete survivor there which was kind of neat. And I killed grace... 30 clean and jerks for time. I didn't rx (75#) but I did break 4 min (3:56). 

It was interesting because when  I was going through cancer I didn't think about it being impressive that I still was able to function. But I think actually it was. I just did it, but really the fact that I could function. I went to work, I didn't completely disappear ( though I did become a bit of a hermit... Cause I would get soooo tired) and I think actually that makes me a bad ass. Or it was a reminder that hey I'm awesome! 

So go crossfit :) 

And gratuitous clouds on the way to mari's wedding reception... The way I ended the day. Quite the busy and excellent weekend.