Thursday, May 28, 2015

The simple things

Lately I've definitely noticed I've been complicating the shit out of everything. And I do mean everything.  So it's been creating a lot of undue or at least not quite so necessary stress. And that does nothing good for my mood or my behavior.  

Then today the universe through me a bone, in a manner of speaking. I was reading my mediation book and the last line for today's was 

It seems we always have the choice: to remain a builder of fences or to enter the stream that ignores all fences. - mark nepo 

And it was exactly what I needed to hear. I find that when I get in the cycle of stress and stuff I try to plan and organize and get AS MUCH AS I CAN POSSIBLY GRT DONE DONE. Which doesn't make me a better person, does very little to aswage the feeling of uncontrol and sort of makes me into a bit of a pushy bitch. 

So today and moving forward. I will try to breath and go with the flow a bit more, and see what, if anything changes. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Things I learned from the avon39


This past weekend I attempted to complete my first Avon 39 2 day walk.  I admittedly had a hard time getting in some training walks so I was nervous about it anyway. I mean 39 miles over 2 days is meant to be hard. So I knew it was going to be. Let's say it did not go well. At all, but in doing it I learned a few things to carry on for the next one. 

- walking with a buddy is so much more fun
- do long training walks (even if it feels weird to say training and walk in the same sentence ) 
- don't walk in 2 year old shoes... Even if they feel ok 
- change your socks way more often than you think
- drink more Gatorade
- it's ok to cancel if the universe throws you 2 unexpected things the week before
- finishing is finishing even if you take the bus

It was a hard and emotional weekend, but I'm glad I did it. And maybe one year in the future I'll do it again with a little more knowledge under my belt

And the pink tent village : totally cute even if. I didn't sleep there 

What I looked like after day 1 

Friday, May 8, 2015

If you could describe cancer as a person....

So yesterday, 07may15, just to keep our chronology correct, I saw this cancer movie. It was called "Wrong way to Hope" and documented this group of young adult patients (YAPs) has they kayaked down a river.  

It was really interesting to see their experience and know I'm doing something similar with First Descents in June. So that should be cool. One thing they did was create a focus for each day.   

One of their discussions through that was " if cancer was a person how would you describe them? " 

I liked this idea since I think of cancer both in the physical and metaphysical sense. I mean it a person or animal because it grows inside of you. But it also a metaphysical thing because it Fucks with you in a number of mental and non tangible ways. Which is harder to quantify  So here is my list with a few explainstion can  

Forcefully giving, in the way in which forces you to confront stuff early in life or probably a lot easier than I would ever do on my own.

Supreme bitch
Life altering 
Hard to please 
Boot camp sergeant 

The other image that always has been coming to mind is from a book "the devil wears prada" the character of Mirand. 
Who is one tough bitch, but in the shows you things about yourself.