Friday, April 10, 2015


Ok so I have a lot of things to be impatient about. I mean don't we all.  We live in a society where I want to it all, and I want lit now is kind of the norm... And I almost forgot, I want it my way.  So it isn't a surprise to me that sometimes I get a bit testy when things aren't super smooth. 

That being said my biggest impatience (or one of... I'm not sure I want to paint myself in a corner) is with certain types of people. Who are they you ask? I can barely stand people who I perceive to be people that think they can A) very un cleverly pull a fast one on me or B) think I'm not smart enough to pick up on when they are full of shit or C) people that are so full of shit they don't realize how dumb they are.  

So yeh, it's been a interesting couple days. I've basically been dealing with A, B and C all in the same person. And it's driving me nuts. It doesn't really matter who it is, or where I know them from. But I'm baffled to wonder how someone who is technically speaking for one of my multiple employers fails to see the ridcuoulsness of saying things like "well there was a critic" and when I say what was the critic all I get is " oh just general feedback" ummm Not helpful!!!!

In any sort of employment situation I want to do good. So it is actually hard to hear well we want you to retrain but have no one tell you what the specific problem was. Or if there had been multiple complaints. I am fine with any sort of retrain, "extra" training situation, I mean I work there. They are in the end incharge. I'm not going to say no. Or I am smart enough to know that if I refuse I will no longer be their employee. But it boils down to not setting me up for success. And that speaks poorly of an employer. Really! And makes me seriously consider how long and how much association I want to have with them.  It's hard to not be offended being treated so poorly.  

Let's just say I'm practicing AHIMSA so hard these days. 

So this is my way of putting the universe on notice. If you have a critic, please tell me. If I ask for specifics please give them. And if you don't I will loose all faith in you ability to communicate and lead. And I will turn into the dragon slayer bad ass I have on my wall. 

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