Monday, June 1, 2015

Tree hits up NC

29may15 - 01jun15

This weekend was a long awaited get out town adventure. Where did the adventure take me? To Raleigh Durham, North Carolina to visit my sister Cecilie.  And in short we had a blast... But let's recount some details and adventures. 

The travel down
Getting down there was a bit messier than I would have liked. It being spring in New England equals some somewhat unpredictable weather patterns.  So after waving goodbye to my car, safely stoud at work, I comfortably took the T down to Logan. Unfortunately when I got there the flight Gods decided they had a different plan. My flight was rebooked for a direct flight (so not all bad) but I was now stuck there for an additional 4 hrs... So not all good either. But that happens. The actual waiting and flight were uneventful... Had a nice chat with my seat mate who was a  researcher at Dana Farbar. Landed, found C.C. And promptly went straight to bed. 

Day 1 : the Chapel Hill adventure
So one of the things I wanted to do, since the trip was primarily hang with C.C. And therefore had no real agenda. was that I wanted to see the UNC chapel hill campus. I have been thinking of applying there for Nurseing school and wanted to see if I liked the vibe.  
On the way we stopped at 
This place call Guglhupf. It was cute. Had an outdoor space. So we had our breakfast under an umbrella in the sun, before heading out. 

We drove the short way to chapel hill, and the navigator C.C. found us a parking lot somewhat centrally located in the campus.  We strolled around for awhile, with a little effort finding the stadium "go tar heals" 

The quad, and the bell tower
Clearly it was sunny and nice.  I really liked the vibe of the campus, even with no people on it. 

For lunch we found this cute place on "the street with all the stuff on it". Ok I seriously don't remember the name of it. But it was really near the campus and had a number of restaurants and boutiques and stuff. 

For the rest of the day, since we were both pretty sunned out. We stopped at Trader Joes and got stuff for dinner, caught up on episodes of Sirens, made dinner and than went to "the mall". To go see Pitch Perfect 2. Hadn't seen the first but still really enjoyed it. 

Day 2: a slow start and lots of yummy
Again we had a slow morning but today was a slightly different reason. We slowly got ready because we had a reservation at 
Which for those not in the know. Is a fondue place 
We had a very slow, very delicious brunch / lunch (since our reservation was at 11:30). 

After we were done C.C. Needed to get some work done and I wanted to see her school. So off we went. Her school was so cute, and she set me to task with some filing. Since we could only stay until 4pm, we didn't have a ton of time to do stuff. But after we headed to Duke Gardens and Duke University. 
It was gorgeous, and we walked around go a bit. We found a nice bench and sat and chatted for a bit. It was so nice to have essentially quite time.  We don't get a chance to just sit together very often and I truly enjoyed it. 

Once we had had enough sun, we left the gardens in search of liquids and dinner. We also drove through Dukes campus. It was interesting to me that even driving through I got a completely different vib. And I can for sure say I liked UNC better. 

For dinner we went to Mello Mushroom (pizza). Which was near the baseball park. The amazing thing was the fact that there was a game and it was still easy to get around... Cue thinking to last time
I got stuck in Kenmore right after a game.  The restaurant and park also had a little stream and hammocks and a giant chess set.  Had. A very small town feel which I really enjoyed. 

After dinner we went home to relax and get ready for travel / work.  Watched some old episodes of Graceland and went to bed. 

All in all, very fun, very relaxing and rejuvenating trip

The return

Fortunately the return flight was uneventful.  It was mostly on time, and I actually went straight to work.  Which wasn't that bad. (I say with fingers crossed that the experiment I ran worked) 

But that's another trip in the books :-) 

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