Thursday, May 28, 2015

The simple things

Lately I've definitely noticed I've been complicating the shit out of everything. And I do mean everything.  So it's been creating a lot of undue or at least not quite so necessary stress. And that does nothing good for my mood or my behavior.  

Then today the universe through me a bone, in a manner of speaking. I was reading my mediation book and the last line for today's was 

It seems we always have the choice: to remain a builder of fences or to enter the stream that ignores all fences. - mark nepo 

And it was exactly what I needed to hear. I find that when I get in the cycle of stress and stuff I try to plan and organize and get AS MUCH AS I CAN POSSIBLY GRT DONE DONE. Which doesn't make me a better person, does very little to aswage the feeling of uncontrol and sort of makes me into a bit of a pushy bitch. 

So today and moving forward. I will try to breath and go with the flow a bit more, and see what, if anything changes. 

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