Monday, January 30, 2012

Orientation time

Thank you GOD! for the better medicines this time.  Otherwise things would have really sucked today. 
Today I had orientation for my job as a full time.  Yay for paid vacations and better benefits.  I'm excited and sort of giddy about it, even if its only for a short time.  The plan is still to go to PT school but its nice to have a back up if I don't get in, or so I can defer, since i don't think I want to start in the summer.  It will likely be too quick, and I definitely want to get all the treatment over with before I start school.  Don't need to start extra stress, that would just be a really really really BAD idea.
So the bonus of orientation of course is the fact I've been home over an hour before I usually get home.  Which is good since I'm really tired today for whatever reason.  My stamina still sucks the big one, so it was good to have a low movement, low energy day.  Its amazing how little movement you need to learn about company history, and how to enroll in health insurance. 

I am likely also tired because i have date with the cutting shears tonight.  The hair has definitely started falling out, so night I'm going cue ball.  Yikes.  I'm nervous about it, well duh.  But not sure how i'll feel afterword, which is of course why I am doing it at home.  The brother gets to be the lucky one to do me.  Its sort of returning the favor because I do his hair a lot, but not under this circumstance.  I think the weirder one will be the loss of eye brows.  To go from graucho to NOTHING is going to be really odd. I mean at least i'll save money on eye brow waxing, ect. And hair cuts.  I'm getting my wig tomorrow.  Pictures to follow of course, though not sure about the cue ball look.  We'll see how i feel.  But tonight i say goodbye to the hair, for awhile and hello to the scarves.
At least I have a bunch of pretty ones that I like, so i have lots of fashion options.  I hope my head doesn't get too cold.  And for all those girls out there that wonder about how to take care of a baldy head, face wash.

Who knew?

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