Friday, January 27, 2012

What a day!

So today is the half way point of chemo! Yay!!! That has a lovely ring to it. I mean half. Half it's great.
Today has been a long day and I haven't even had the chemo drugs yet. Let's discuss the day I have had. I started in plastics. For a fill. Hello cleavage. Nice to see you again. It's back. Though of course they look completely different then before. To be expected. But I offically have a cup size :)
Next I went to ultrasound. To see if the port that I got on Monday had formed. Clot. That would be bad. So I had that done and had sure everything was ok. Then I went to oncolgy and managed to confuse them totallly, so I got vitals and then went to the vascular interventional radiology clinic. They told me that I have to clots. Thank GOD! And the port is good to use. Yay that means chemo is a go. They also couldn't give me answer about why my neck hurts. Which is not fun. But I I am going to ask about more percocets. Hey couldnt hurt right?
So then I went back to oncology. Where they just ask questions about how's it going and the chemo treatment and the drugs and stuff. And now I've finally made it to the infusion room for treatment. They are trying a new anti- nausea thing so hopefully it will be better. Especially since I have the mgh interview tomorrow. Yikes!
View from chair today. Sort of ok with being trapped in a hospital

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