Thursday, June 21, 2012

First assist

I did my first assisting yesterday and it was awesome. I was understandably terrified. Partially cause I didn't really know the teacher I was about to practice on and I didn't want her to turn around and be like "ok you suck" I mean maybe not a fully legit fear but a fear none the less.

We did it in a Prana 2 music class which was nice but it made it very hard to breath loud enough, or at least feel like you were breathing loud enough. But I didn't get any critic on that one so yay. The best thing was right before we started the volunteer come over and said to feel free to try new things on her. Which I appreciated because I don't know if I would have necessarily been that bold on my own. But it was nice in the poses that had two sides to them to try the straight forward assist I one side and then make or try to make up something new on the other. Some of which felt really good.

The main take aways I will take from this first one into the second are to get right in there at the beginning. Because one thing that I find amazing is how much people pick up I my nerves at the beginning of a practice. Even when they are barely feel able on my end. So definitely need to figure out techniques in which to "shake out" the nerves more. Also I will focus on using my palms more. This was a very interesting point because palms feel much less creepy. In general. Which isn't exactly something you think about right away. Also in using the palms ita a much more energetic way to give an assist which is always a good thing.

So overall it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to do my second one on monday.... With a dude. Hurray

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