Saturday, June 30, 2012

Contentment assist

I did my second assistant screening is week. Actually I did it Monday night. Which was great cause I definitely wanted to ride the wanderlust high as long as possible. So I was feeling pretty zen when I started. Which was good. I also did not get nearly as strong of a I'm going to vomit feeling. So that was another bonus.
Overall I felt pretty good again. There were still some moments that felt very clunky to me. But not a ton. And there was a few moments that felt really good. There is something completely satisfying about seeing someone melt under your touch and relax into it. And that happened a few times too. So all all in all a really good practice.

The interesting thing about doing this screening with many different people is the type and quality comments afterward. Tony definitely had some things that he wanted me to work. Which I think is going to be an always sort of thing. I mean that's how we improve right. The really good thing he said was he liked my overall presence during the practice and said that I was very grounding. When he said that I was just thinking "SCORE"!!!!!!

So in summary definitely getting better and can't wait to do another one.

So in saving this post temporarily I realized I never finished first assist. Oops we are out of order.

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