Saturday, August 11, 2012

Something scary

Its been a busy time lately.  I feel like I barely sit down any more but that's not exactly a bad thing.  Though this week after Monday crossfit, I think my legs decided to go on strike.  I barely could bend for three days... oops.  Hopefully this week will be better.  I mean I'm all a fan of pushing myself but the goal is not to do it so bad that I'm incapacitated for almost a week.  Fortunately I'm all better for the most part today, so I'm going to go and do another partner WOD at 11... hopefully I can walk at the end of it :)

Today my plan is also to do something scary... hello bassoon...nice to see you after almost two years.. But I've actually been missing it.  I realized that I am such a bassoon player is so many ways because I appreciate things like
I mean this sort of thing is exactly what bassoonist are like.  Lets get together and play something silly for bassoon quartet. I mean.  Its nice to be associated with a group of people that as a collective don't seem to always take themselves seriously.  Which is me.  So i'm going to pick up my bassoon for the first time in a LONG  time today.  Wish me luck :)  

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