Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nashvilled up

Nashville and seeing the E family was wonderful. Once the travel was underway it was relatively uneventful and I was met by T at the airport in Nashville. Because baby E had to go to bed so S was on bedtime duty.

Anyways, we drove back to their place and chatted with S for a little while. Before bed. T and I played street fighter for awhile and definitely had a blast from the past moment.

The next day we relaxed through the morning while the baby played and then we made our way to the jack Daniel's distillery. Which was really neat. The science geek in me really liked it. It did smelly kind of funny, but the fact they make JD with water fro this one spring in TN is kind of cool.

After that we got ice cream :) yes please and a good thing to do after spending the day in the hot TN sun Though it wasn't as hot as it. Could have been.

The next day we went to church. Yep church. It was good to have some god time and reminded me that I need to get back go church / find a church closer to Cambridge. Cause getting out to Wellesley may or may not happen regularly. And it might be nice to go to a church where people don't all know about the cancer. Not that's its a bad thing, but sometimes I don't want the big doe eyes of how are you.

Anyways I digress. After church we had lunch and went to cheek-wood botanical gardens. They had an exhibit of tree houses. It was really cool. They had a tree for Walden, the hobbit an lord of the flies.... To name a few. It was super cool, until it started to rain. We all loaded into the car and headed home, by way of aopi headquarters. Which was fun to drive by. Just a building though.

We had a lovely evening at home involving 5 guys burgers. And T cut
The grass.

I woke up the next day and travelled home. Which was equally uneventful. And the two hour layover wasn't even too bad. Thank goodness for books and iPhones :)

All In all, wonderful trip, wonderful weekend and wonderful awesome people:)

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