Friday, August 31, 2012

Nosy parentage

We all love our parents. The good bad and ugly. They are still our parents and we really can't not love them. Myself included. I love my parents but that does not negate the fact that some times I want punch them in the arm with anger.

One thing I have always struggled with especially now in full adult mode was
Having an adult relationship with my parents. Maybe my struggle occurs because I've spent 4 of my 7 yrs post college living under their roof. I mean then they are sort of entitled to know more then the basics like the occasional I'm alive, works good, I'm single, I'm not single sort of basic details. But since I've come and gone so many times... Or 3. But that's alot we haven't had much of a chance to figure out how to relate to each other as grown ups.

Consequently I still have a parent that gets almost offended if I dont tell them stuff. But by the same token. I'm. A grown up I don't have to. There are certain basic things that they need to know but the line is a lot sooner then the parentals think and consequently
I get the constant . " you don't tell me stuff" bull shit. Maybe I don't tell you stuff because I dont want to have a three hour conversation about what. You think I should do about it, and how you feel about it. And sometimes I dont tell you stuff because the grand total of my day was "I watched projected runway " I mean sometimes the inane details are just that and I just don't care.

It's definitely a work in progress and there is not really a resolution in sight but now that the birdie has left the nest never to return I need to start majorly working on it.

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