Saturday, October 6, 2012

Totally weird

So today I'm definitely doing something I never thought I'd get to say that I did. I am at the cape code natural body building championships. Oh yeh. Body building. I have been helping my friend S prepare by taking pictures of him for the last 3 months ish. Not sure when I started doing it. But it's been a totally weird and kind of interesting experience. I am 100 %surr I don't have the discipline to do something like this. At least not at the present but it has a learning experience. Especially since its the natural. So obviously different then the non natural.

But it's been fun and will be a busy ass weekend. Between driving to Quincey Thursday and Friday and then getting up early to do a training run. And we are talking 530 early. Or 540 so that's pretty freakin early for a Saturday. But I'm determined to at least try and follow some sort of plan and today's plan said 2mile run. I made it 1.87. So I'll take it. The other thing I'm determined not to do is freak out about it. If I get out there and run close to what it's says at least 2 time a wk. I'm going to be happy with that.

Oh boy it's starting!!!!

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