Saturday, September 22, 2012

All dolled up

So far this weekend has been excellent. I assisted a tiny class with my girl A on Friday night. Tiny mean there were 6 people practice. So I got to take my time and give lots of love to people and take lots of breaks because I was totally nutritionally screwed up. So it worked out great.

I was nutritionally a mess because we had our biogen idec outing for bio pharam development at cranes beach. It was super fun and hey any time they let you get paid for eating and shooting the shit on the waterfront is ok by me.. It was a good time and I got to chill with m for the whole afternoon which is always a good time. Especially since she knows a lot more people then I do. I guess that's what eight years and being outgoing will do. Anyway it was an awesome afternoon except it was cold.

After yoga I boogied home and got ready to head down to providence for the evening. I have decided I'm a weirdo because I came back from yoga and decided it would be a good idea to throw in a load of laundry and vacuum. I really don't know how to sit down. Though in this case it was intentional since I knew I'd be driving to providence at 10pm.

Fast forward to today I had a relaxing morning, and easy drive home. I got home with time to spare before my eye exam and I got knew glasses. Yay for eye insurance and we're talking good eye insurance. That's all I'm saying.

Now to the title of the post. I sort of didn't realize I had so much back story. But I am off to hear itzack Perlman at the opening night at the Boston symphony. So me, a, j, j's hubs and m#2 are getting dolled up and going to the festivities. Should be good and all Beethoven program... Yes please.

And now it's after the concert and it was awesome. Perlman is an amazing player and an amazing conductor. It was a quick program because it was just Beethoven romance 1 and 2 and beethoven 7th aren't super long and there was no intermission. But it was an awesome concert.

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