Thursday, May 15, 2014


I Or more specifically reading labels. That is something that people associate with food. But really why should you read the labels of everything you're putting near your body.  We live in a pretty toxic word in general and the more I learn the more I realize there are some pretty basic things that can be done to minimize toxins. Only one of them being really food related. 

So first where do the labels come in? Well did you know that the FDA does not require a complete ingredient list on some body products, or cleaning products.  Also anything that toats a shelf life of 3 years or more ain't natural.  I'm sorry but anything that claims to maintain its molecular integrity for that long is far preserved all to heck and really I don't think should be going near my temple... Body. 

So as such I'm in the process of making a few changes. I've switch most of my
Cleaners to vinegar and water and the occasional bleach.. I won't give up my
Toilet wand, but otherwise we're pretty natural.  I gave my sister almost all my lotion and perfume. Replacing the lotion with Shea butter, coca butter and coconut oil. I'm planning to use lanolin in replacement of Vaseline.  My lovely friend Abby found a natural deodorant that has stood up to a hot yoga teacher lifestyle... So goodbye secret. And dr brommers 18-1 soap instead of body wash and for right now shampoo. 

I won't say I'm completely free of that stuff, or that I'm never going to use it again, but I'm working toward that and have been slowly aquirring the necessary alternatives. 

The other big change I made was a three away almost all my plastic Tupperware. What!!!!! Ok so the plastic thing has been a thing for awhile, but I finally said screw it. Let's give it a go. No more plastic. Storage for this kid. I feel like I'll still have to get some containers... Though I found out  H Mart has them.... Can we say post yoga shopping?  But anyway, so right now my cabinet looks like this 

Yes the glass at the top has plastic lids, but I don't think glass lids exist. And if I'm wrong please correct me. But form now in its ball jars and Pyrex for this kid. 

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