Thursday, May 15, 2014

Chemo 3 to the 2 power


It's offical, we're on the tail end of chemo. Thank goodness. I mean it's so fun and all but not really. I'll be happy when it's over.  This time felt differnt after taking some time off.  It was like I got in all the activities I would like to do and the. I was a little, we're talking a very little, bit ok with being hooked into the toxins again.  I also started to detox my house, but that is for a differnt post. 

I slep poorly as usual but that wasn't a surprise. The fun thing was that my sister was there. We had a bit of a sleep over, which was really fun. So I got up early to get all my ducks in a row and she got up at the last second, and we loaded I the car.  

I sort of developed a method to the Fridays now which is weird a little but sort of comforting.  Blood work, coffee, browse hats... Purchase hat

See the doctor and then infusion. 
Seeing the doctor was boring are usual, though I did see the actual doctor which was nice. Ironically I had a form for him to sign, and did I remember to have him sign it.... Nope. Oh well. 

After the doctor I had just enough time to go out to the mediation garden for a hot second. It was a little chilly so that's all that was called for anyway. 

Infusion was fine. I actually had a differnt nurse who I went to high school with.  Talk about a small world. And I got a window seat.... Woohoo. Nice to look outside, not nice cause it was kind of drafty.  Fortunately they kept the heated blankets coming, so I was fine.  

During infusion I got an acupunture treatment, ear needles and a massage. Not too bad. And then I had two visitors. Susan and Kate came to visit. Kate has come the other two times and susan just this time. But after an entire day of being alone it was really nice to have some company to finish it off.  I appreciate all the kindness and large and small gestures people have done all through this.  Susan also kept me company waiting for my ride, Bruce who was my
Ride a lot the previous time, and then went home, Pjamed and bed. 

The one thing we forgot to do was a yoga pose... But it was rectified the next day 

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