Sunday, June 8, 2014

Food Truck Fest


So in Boston and other places there is a very extensive food truck presence. I love them.  There are a few that I've visited that come to Kendall during the week and then a few that you run into around town. But the ultimate fun is when they gather together and festivalize. 

Yesterday was one such occasion. They all centered at assmebly row in Somerville. Which as a side note is being built out to be what seems like a very nice outdoor mall space. And it's 5 min from my current abode. Score!  

So I met Sarah and peps there yesterday and we partook. I was warned that you get full portions of stuff so to choose wisely.  We ended up dividing and conquering, which gather us all a chance to try a bunch of stuff.  I waited in like at Fugu truck... 

Oh did I mention that it was a long line. But in the end I got a bibimbap bowl and some pork buns. And we all found some cement and shade and chowed down. 

It was a successful day, had some nice company, tried some different stuff and enjoyed some fresh and finally nice weather.   

Food trucks...... Keep umm coming 

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