Monday, June 2, 2014

Chemo 4 squared

30 may 14

So it's done. I managed to get through another set of chemo action. Thank goodness. I was actually thinking today that it's so weird that cancer has been a part of my vocabulary for going on three yrs. part of me thinks, when did this happen, why is this my life... But then I think this is my journey. Just go with it. 

So chemo recap.  I got up early as usual and my sister drove me in. This day was a two asana day 
Warrior 3... Ish to get things going. It's actually funny to see pictures of myself in yoga poses because of course, I thought I was flat. Ummm yeh not exactly.  I dig it, but I'm far from starting my yoga journal modeling career. 

Traffic wasn't bad and we made it in with lots of time. Coffee was had and blood work was taken. All good and had lots of time to sit in the meditation garden. 
For those that don't know there is a roof top garden at MGH. It's really nice, minus the continues ambulance noise.  

So I got some reading done and then headed in to meet the doctor. Then the schedule went to shit. There was lots of sitting, and I eventually saw the doc. Which went fine... There is always a discussion on symptoms and stuff. Got a new sleep aid to try and going to try omega 3 for hot flashes... Couldn't hurt right? 

But because of that, or maybe just cause it was that kind of day. I had to wait in the infusion room too... Wahwah!  But when I finally got called back I got a private room. Woot woot. 
Let's just say it was a bit chilly.  But once things got going it was pretty smooth. My arm felt funny for a bit but turned out to be me... Not an actual problem.  And the lovely Christina and Kate kept me smiling and amused while things wrapped up. What else is there to do when you visit someone at chemo? I mean really... You are there for their amusement. 

Once I was finally unhooked it was time for the celebratory flying frog (crow) 
Even after that I got both feet up... Boo yeh. And Christina drove me home... To pass out from a long day. 

But as weird as it is to say I've been through chemo twice... I've been through chemo twice and I slapped that bitch... Now the bitch better stay slapped...

Just saying

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