Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chakra cleanse


Today I did something a little different.  I had been hearing about this workshop offered a few times around town called the chakra cleanse, led by Jaquei Bonwell.  I had heard that it was amazing and since she used to teach at prana a lot of the instructors from teacher training had mentioned her. So I said why not. I needed some make up hours so it was the perfect modivator....

The workshop was held at south boston yoga, which I had never been too. Hence the extra modivation because I parked at work and took the T.  All of that was extremely uneventful and I arrived in southie VERY early. Found a bench and read a bit.  The weather finally broke so that was good and warm. 

Then I went in to do 3 hrs of yoga awesomeness. First let me start by saying I knew going in this workshop was going to be challenging. But it also was coming at a good time. I feel like I've been working through some stuff and consequently had been feeling very stuck and stagnant. I know physically I'm a bit of a mess at the moment but mentally too and at this point in my life I know the two are connected. So a chance to really try and zone in on stuff was really good timing. 

That being said it was amazing.  I had reactions to stuff that I didn't even realzied a few things that I didn't know I was holding on to.  I got practice with two of my peps, kyle and Angela, so that was awesome as well. It never ceases to amaze me about the powers of yoga and meditation. There are things that we hold on to, and in some cases some deep seeded stuff, and through a sequence of movements and some talking emotions and stuff come to surface. And they may be things that you hadn't thought about in a long time. 

Though I still feel emotionally raw, it's an amazing experience and I will be doing it again. 

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