Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 2 assistant training

I woke up exhausted and sore from the day before.  I also accidentally slept an extra hour because my phone didn't go off right.  Thank goodness I don't sleep in much regardless so I wasn't too behind.  I got ready and loaded up my stuff and went back to the apartment to check my soggy bed,.  Which was still soggy.  Not the best laid plan but whatever.  So i unpacked some kitchen stuff and talked to one of the roomies before walking down to prana for day 2. 

Like I said I was already pretty sore so I was nervous about my ability to practice a ton.  But I kept up good.  We started the day with closed hop i lied... we started the day with downward dog. 

This assist was actually complicated because it involves getting in a huge....we're talking huge...lung at the persons head and pushing up on the top of their hip bones.  It feels ok but it was hard to get the hang of.  I've been practicing it in my screenings...its sort of hit or miss assist.  Also its only appropriate for certain body types, so I won't get to use it that often on the lay person.  The more appropriate assists are hands and feet.  Though if you can work in a neck massage it has a pleasant result. 

Next we did closed hip poses.  These involve a lot of suggestions about ways the muscles are supposed to go.  Like in Warrior 1.  But in things like airplane and standing leg split you better have your wits about you because you can really knock someone over..oops.  Hopefully doesn't happen much.

I went to four burgers for lunch.  Which was great.   I really wanted beef and actually really wanted to be by myself.  It had been a good weekend thus far and was the whole time.  But being around that many people that I didn't really know for that long had begun to wear on me.  It was good that I had a chance to chill out by myself for a little bit because the beginning of the afternoon was very emotional. 

We had to reflect about what assisting means to us and the word we wanted to convey wordlessly while we were assisting.   Mine was self love.  Which is something I have struggled with my whole life.  Especially lately.  I mean being bad and cut up really doesn't do good things for ones self presentation and self worth.    So I have experienced self love by getting a head assist during that time and that is my goal in assisting.  To help people love themselves and help myself. 

It is also a way to drop your boundaries and commune with a lot of people at the same time.   But it was exhausting and I cried a lot.  But yoga is such a squishy environment with all women except for Ray so it was all OK. 

Fortunately after this we worked on restorative assists.  Fallen tree, sputavatakonasana,  supin spinal twist, and savasana. 

Si these were great.  There is alot of head and feet work.  The magic head massage is actually tricky when the person has a ponytail.  Which is probably one of the reasons I've gotten so much head loving especially as of late.  No complaints there.  But its scary cause you don't want to drop someones head.  I mean so much worse than knocking someone over.  Thunking their head.   would be so much worst. 

We also learned the spinal traction that ray did on me the day before.  Its a good one and requries some maneuvering when the person is big...but doable.   But we had a practice and assistant practice at the end of class and it was good to take it all and meld it together.  

It was an amazing weekend and exhausting at the same time.  I couldn't believe it was half over.  I walked back to the apartment.  Bed still wet so I slept in newton again.  Completely exhausted.   But to quote one of my favorite yogis...."my socks have been blown".

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