Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anxiety driven

So the past two weeks I haven't been doing much yoga and Ive actually noticed. Weird cause it's never happened before. But interesting that I noticed. I have definitely become much more in tune with body. At least more often so that is good. I definitely not at 100% but we're getting there which is really what it's about. We are all works in progress :)

Lots has been going on lately. I started back at crossfit. At a new gym which is really close to my new house. I'm really happy that I started again because really I just had to jump off the fence and go for it. I have had to heavily modify almost everything but it's still been worth it, and just the ability to finish a WOD in the time cap has been exciting. There has also been two times in the last three weeks I've realized mid workout that I couldn't do something and had to spring it on the coach. ... I almost wrote couch...hehe. I felt alittle bad about that one but whatever. It's a learning curve for me too. So deal with it.

This weekend I'm off for a relaxing weekend to visit s and t in nashville. So that should be fun and should have lots of adventures to report :)

I just to wait the 3hrs before the flight. Oops

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