Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No idea what to call it

So that is pretty accurate. I have a number of thoughts floating around in my head so it's hard to know where to start. Right now my brain goes right to the freakin heart burn. Since feels like my chest is burning. I took two Tums but it doesn't appear to be helping. I've been a bit nervous and edgy today so that is not helping me out. It's also ridiculous that I'm this edgy because of stuff that isn't even happening till tomorrow. It's about the car at least partially.

I need to drop my car off at garden. Itu repairs tomorrow and i realized it would likely put a kink in my weekend plan . Though... And this is where anxiety sucks.... I have no idea if it will be a problem and won't know until Friday afternoon. So typical that I'm all in knots about it And I won't know if it's a reality until Friday. Ugh. Breath and move on. A skill I am still most definitely working on.

The other main thing that has been going on has been something I've been thinking about for awhile and now that I am not living at home any more I feel like its time to say it out loud. It also helps that I have met someone. Making the motivation to stop lying to the world all the more real. And if I have lost some of you. I am talking about my sexuality. Yep I am bisexual. At least I'm sticking with that moniker for now. From what I've read and heard about female sexuality i hesitate to get to into the label but I want to world to know that I am attracted to ladies too.! I have met a very special lady and I knew that would be the impedes to coming out. But now that I have. Time to take the flying leap.

It is far time to stop keeping secrets. It's been quite the year for me and I've. Come to the conclusion being open an honest is the way to go. Life is too short to not live honestly.

Lastly i want to say How much I appreciate the normal and positive reactions that I've received from people I told In Person. It gave me the courage to keep going. I truly appreciate all your kindness.

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