Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So that time I did the paleo challenge

So some of you may be wondering if I was still doing the paleo challenge from CFB, and the answer is yes. It technically ends tomorrow, so I've been going strong - ish

But since it was ending tomorrow I though t it would be good to reflect on what have I learned about myself, food, nutrition and how it all relates to me. First let me say I have been far from paleo perfect. Oh lord have I. I man I'm the first to admit that there were a number of times that my sweet tooth got the better of me, and that I let it. So that brings up what am I going to do going forward. I am still a believer that I need to no deprive myself be ause it just makes it worse. I am making a strong effort to not keep sweets in the house which will hopefully lead to less late night cravings. And only purchasing a single serving when I do buy sweets. So that the derailment will not be multiple days long because I couldn't throw it away.

This brings up different but similar (because it relates to cake) issue. I have in this last 6 weeks finally admitted that I am gluten intolerant. That too much of gluten wrecks my system for days and days. So the take home message. Avoid bread. Well duh. Does this mean ill never have a piece of cake or a cookie again. Probably not. But it will be a damn good cookie.

Another thing i noticed was processed peanut butter is CRACK. I kid you not. I mean ill admit to being a total skippy lover for years, so jumping on and off the skippy train was trick. But I didn't notice it until I went to a breakfast at work where I had fruit and peanut butter. And all I wanted the rest of the day was peanut butter.

I think the whole 9 life people were totally right.... Frankenfood

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