Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy belated Easter Jesus

Happy day after Easter! So I feel like I haven't been blogging as much if at all about the rest of my non- crossfit life. Which admittedly, even though I'm obsessed, is actually the majority of my life. I mean I only go to crossfit for 2 hrs a week. So in the grand scheme of things I probably devote about 5-6 hrs between Wods and pre and post prep. So today I thought I'd write a little about what's been going on with the rest of my life.

Well yesterday was Easter and I actually had a lot to do. I went to church with the rents. Which was nice except for the fact that I'm still very much the girl who had cancer in her twenties.  Which isn't actually false but especially since I don't go to that church that often I get a million "oh its so good to see you's " and "how are you...concerned faces"  It gets a bit annoying even though I know it comes from a good place.  I mean its not like I deny it happened, or still don't think of ways I can pay it forward a little bit.  Actually that idea is already in the works, I'm mainly scared to get it started. But not going to discuss it incase it doesn't happen.

So anyway back to easter.  After  early church the music comity had a breakfast thing, which I stayed for a while and shmoozed a bit with my old church friends.  I will say I like going to services on holidays because at least there will be a higher likelihood of people there that aren't usually and that I'd like to see.  I got to catch up with my friend B, who went through church school with, and she now lives in DC.  So case in point.

After everyone went up for the later service I hauled ass home to start cooking.  Or continue cooling.

The lunch menu was
Slow roasted pork butt (care of www.nomnompaleo.com)
Roasted Brussel sproats and leaks with Rosemary salt (care of practical paleo)
Faux tatos with butter, leeks and garlic (nom nom again)
dark chocolate truffles (nom nom again)

My mother and aunt supplied
real potatoes

I thought my contributions came out great.  And a bit shout out to my mother who had to get up extra early to turn the slow cooker on.  Since it had to cook for 8 hrs.  I will definitely be slow cooking again.  I'm hoping the one I have has a timer, otherwise all my recipes will have to be cooked for 10hrs or so.  But that isn't exactly a bad thing in the slow cooking realm.

After that was all done I actually piled in the car and went over to S's for dinner Easter style.  He is much more of a culinarian than I am so we had

rack of lamb
assarages (or i have no idea how to actually spell that word.)
roasted potatoes
strawberries and vanilla whip cream.

Then it was super late and I had to roll myself home to get up for my "early " day Monday.

Very long but very good day :)

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