Wednesday, April 17, 2013

no words

I've been sort of lazy about blogging lately.  I've wanted to and at the same time not, because I just wasn't feeling the words. And now there is really no words to describe what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

As an athlete, and former and possibly again, distance runner I didn't know how to feel about someone attacking a race.  I mean I grew up here.  I remember days in April vacation going out to heartbreak hill and watching people run by.  I passed out water and oranges and cheered my little heart out.  I've seen the Hoyts go by a number of times and never realized, until adulthood the impressiveness of that.

I have only watched the Marathon from the finish once.  In high school. It was crazy to watch the people stagger across the finish line with joy.  But looking exhausted.  It was inspiring.

I have never done a full marathon but having completed two half marathons I know the joy and relief that you feel when you cross the finish line.  When I did the last one, in Disney world, I will admit I almost started to cry. Partially cause it was hard, partially cause I was in pain, but largely because DAMN i did that. I made it through.  So i can only imagine the feeling that happens after another 13.1 miles are completed.  I delirium is understandable. And the horror that these athletes came to run a marathon and many are leaving with permanent disabilities.

The athletic world was rocked this week, as well as that of the city of Boston. As athletes I know they will persevere and come back stronger  and as I city I know we will too.

Do me a favor, and do something that makes you happy, and give someone a hug :)

For those that don't know much of the Boston mentality, read this

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