Tuesday, June 4, 2013

tababta say what?

Here goes another work out post.  I'm excited cause I haven't done one in awhile.  I mean I've been going but just not talking about it.  I am trying this new thing where I listen to my brain and body and try not force it...in all things, work, social, dating, working out and trying with the food (though the brain and body tend to be at odds for that one.

Anyways what did i do this morning.

Tabata (AMRAP - Reps)
Complete 8 intervals of :20 work followed by :10 rest for each movement. Your score is the total reps of all movements. The movements are...

Row (calories)
KB swings (chest height)
AbMat sit ups
Dumbbell Snatch (alternating each rep)
Post the weights chosen for the swings and DB snatch to comments.
Skill Work
Post WOD practice your handstand push-up and pistols.

1a. Handstand push-up 6x3
1b. Pistols 6x3 each leg

A slight side note.  Lately when I've gone to the morning class I feel as though time either speeds up or slows down... but when we get going I definitely have a moment where it feels like 10 am or something.  Then I have to remind myself "no Terese, its 6:20...you still have your entire day"  Depending on the day this is followed by "ok cool" or "CRAP!"  Lately there has been a lot of craps...because sleep has been a bit elusive but I'm looking forward to tackling sleep and then enjoying the morning. 

So the WOD.  Initially I thought it was kind of dumb, but it was killer.  I ended up doing 229 reps in total.  This was an average 
Row - 5 cals
KB - 10  ( 1 pood ... yellow 16Kg) 
Sit ups - 7 
Snatchs - 6 (25# for all but last 3, 22.5#)

It was pretty cool until my back started to twinge at the end, and then I down graded the weight.  

So i'm pretty pooped, and looking forward to being too sore to walk later..  Booyah. 

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