Monday, June 3, 2013

Vancouver last days

On day 6 in Vancouver we got up a little late. I mean adult beverages will do that to a girl. I'm completely out of practice on the night scene so it seemed a be rough. Not as rough as the final day in vancouver but still  not my most elegant moment.

Today we decided to go to Victoria park which boasted the heighest point in the city.  It was very pretty.

We walked over from our hotel which was really nice because hey we both like walking, and it was actually across the street from the botanical gardens which we visited before.  So we knew where to go, sort of.  We also passed this tea shop on the way and decided to have high tea on the way home.  Since we were planning on being out late that night.  So after a nice sit and read on a bench.  I swear we should have gotten reading pictures...cause there was a lot.  We had high tea.

Aren't we cute?  

After tea we headed home and got ready for another night on the town, which included a lot of flirty and tasty drinks on my very formative indeed.  

The final day was extrememely relaxed.  We google a place for brunch because we both decided eggs sounded awesome.  And made our way there by bus.  After brunch we headed back to the hotel to figure out what do to, and ended up just walking around by the water for awhile. 

I mean with a day like that how could we not be outside.  We finished off the day with room service and relaxing since we were both dead.... and we were leaving the hotel at 4:30am....damn early flights.  
A most excellent adventure, to quote bill and ted, overall 

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