Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Pride

This month is Pride month across the US and this weekend was the main pride celebrations in Boston.  I attended the parade, and actually marched in the parade.  It was wicked fun and a little scary.  I mean anything that involves getting stared at is a little scary but it was really fun.  I started by meeting people from Biogen at a very swanky apartment in the south end.  It was fun to meet some people from work that I didn't know.  And we all walked over to where the we had to start.  Which was about half way down boylston.  Near the Oriental Hotel. 

The parade started in Copley Sq and made it way through the South End and ended up at Government Center.  It actually was very long and got kind of tiring because we had to stop a lot.  But it was really fun and I talked to this nice girl that worked in Finance the entire time.  It was fun to pass out beads and see everyone being really happy and free. 

The parade ended up in government center where there was a big celebration.  I walked around a bit and looked at some of the booths.  Had some chicken fingers :) And people watched.  I ended up walking by the women's block party but it was so crowded I didn't bother.  Since I had my back pack with me I figured the crowd and pack would be ultra annoying. 

So instead I went and met S and P for dinner. 

Overall it was an amazing day and I really enjoyed feeling so free and open. I could walk down the street with beads and rainbows on and not feel like anyone would care ;)

An excellent day

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