Saturday, August 23, 2014

I like hard sequences

Like the title suggests, I tend to like hard sequences. I've been playing a lot with how to get in and out of poses in a typical ways, and have been enjoying trying to incorporate some of that into when I teach. I don't think I've come up with anything super creative yet but it's just the beginning. 

Sequence one 
Down dog 
Three legged dog 
runners lung 
Easy hamstring stretch 
Revolved triangle 
Revolved half moon
Standing leg split 
Half moon 
Warrior 2 
Reverse warrior 
Side angle lung 
Half or full bound side angle 
Warrior 2 
Vinyasa back to down dog 
And switch sides 

Sequence 2 
Down dog 
Warrior 1 
Humble warrior 
Toppling tree (aka bound. Standing leg split) 
Bound forward fold 
Toppling tree (other leg raised) 
Humble warrior 
Warrior 1 

That beening said I think in general for a "regular" class I like teaching a more athletic crowed. I also have been gaining a lot of comfort teaching a resorative flow , but it's really hard to pair down a regular flow class. I have yet to try teaching a beginner class ( minus my guinue pigs from biogen.. Thanks guys) and I definitely think I'd still been sweating a lot. But I'm loving the growth opportunity and seeing where all this will take me. 

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