Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


This thanksgiving brought a change. For the first time in recorded history the Holm family did not celebrate in newton. We went to Delray Beach to see the brother, and it was great.  

First off, having a sibling in Florida has it's advantages. It's like awe shucks I have a family thing... Just happen to leave somewhere where it's sleeting and go to somewhere its sunny and 60s. I'll take it!!! 

The one bold move on my part was leaving only a 36 hr window between coming back from San Francisco and leaving again. That was a bit too bold a move for the future.  For the fact every bone in my body did not want to get back on the plane it wasn't bad. We had to get de - iced which took some time, but the flight itself wasn't aweful.  

Side note. I wouldn't necessarily recommend Spirit air to anyone in the future. The seats are ridiculously close together (I barely had leg clearence) and you have to pay for EVERYTHING. I'm talking carry ones too people. Don't bother. That being said the actual plane was nice enough and the staff was helpful.  

We arrived and had our first airbnb experience.  Overall I am a huge fan.  It was nice to have an actual house with an actual kitchen.  And the post use clean ups wasn't hard.  Highly recommend. 

It was a very casual time and I was just happy to be in the sun in not as many clothes as I would be when I am home.  CC and I dipped our toes in the ocean (always pleasurable) and just walked around and got sun.

Thanksgiving dinner was actually at a Danish restaurant that Ricky found.  It was fun to do something different for the first time... EVER.  And the food was good.  It was a multi course affair and even though I paced myself it was a HUGE meal!! That was probably the only really typical thing... Being REALLY full.  But the food was delicious and it was fun to have a different thing to do.  

Overall it was a good trip and a good holiday.  And I am looking forward to different things in the years to come. 

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