Monday, December 8, 2014

Year 3_ it was a biggie


Today marked the third anniversary of the start of my cancer journey. 3 years ago I woke up at the crack of dawn (4am) and checked into MGH for the bilateral mastechtomy that started me on a very different path then I imagined for myself previously.  Lots has happened including a replase. Which is probably the last word anyone wants to hear come out of a medical professionals mouth. But that is even done now and I have to believe that brighter things are coming. 

The interesting thing about being a cancer survivor is of course if you approach your treatment with outward signs of strength that is all the comments you get. When inwardly it's easy to focus negative, sad aspects of the fact that I've gone through a lot of crap.  Though I don't ignore the negative I chose to turn back to the positive aspects of my life and live that way. Making note of the negative and moving back to the positive at each point in my day. 

In celebration of the day I had a few thoughts. Last year I spent the day outside I have decided I want to incorporate that in all future years, using today to celebrate consciously the power of my body.

So the day started off by meeting my rowing partner at the gym.  The workout on tap was a killer. 
2 x 1000m 5 min rest in between 
2 x 500 m  3 min rest in between 
2 x 250 m  1:30 min rest in between. 

It was a tough but I rocked it. I was really happy with my times negative splits the whole time (which basically never happens) and broke 2min/ 500m for the last two pieces so that was amazing.  And tiring. 

After the workout I swung by Traders and got a green juice (sold at least at the TJs in Coolidge Corner) and went back to the parents. I had decided my outside adventure would be me and dad going to the arboretum. Which we did. 
I pushed dad to the top of Peters Hill, which was an event in itself because dad is heavy and that whole gravity thing. We made it up and it was worth it. Great view, and windy. And clearly cold.  Fortunately there was also a Good Samaritan that helped me get dad back on pavement. Wheelchairs are not meant for off roading. 
Just saying. 

After the mounting of the hill we actually went home because I wanted to go to a mediation group I've started going to. It's called Wake Up Boston.  Which is a group that study's the teachings of
Thich Nhat Hanh.   This was only my second time but I liked it a lot. We do a seated meditation, walking mediation And then discuss.  Today's was a bit different because instead of discuss there was a potluck. It was really fun and the people see nice, so I'm excited to keep going. 

I had a wonderful day and am continuing
To be happy to be alive. 

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