Tuesday, December 2, 2014

San Francisco Stan time 3.0


Another year another adventure with stanley and Terese.  This year the adventures took place on Stanley's home turf of San Francisco. And it was an excellent trip.  I needed to get away like nobodies business and spending time with an best friend is the best way to do it. 

The week started with a trip to Napa. This was one of the few things that I didn't do in terms of semi touristy from my previous trip.  It was about an hour drive and I had a fury friend to keep me company in the back seat. Napa is super pretty. And we went to Chandon winery. We ended up just walking around cause we didn't time it good with the tours. But it was still cool to see. And we did a tasting which was fun. 

Now the order of the rest of the week is a bit hazy but that's ok cause really what is more important than when. :-) 

One this you may or may not know is stanley and I have a love for cooking, bad television and 80s movies. So a lot of that happened. We had multiple low key evenings eating and watching stuff.  One such movie we watched was Troop Beverly Hills. Which if you haven't seen it, is hilarious. But basically is about a Girl Scout troop in Beverly Hills and had all sorts of ridculous and 80s/90s movies shinannagans.  It's an awesome movie and everyone needs to see it. 

One afternoon we also took a trip to the Indoor gardens in Golden Gate park, called the Conservatory of Flowers. It was really cool and a good size. Not too big. They had sections for different types of plants and it was pretty. 
There was also a nice bench out front where we could sit and drink coffee and have a wonderful chat. 

In addition to having a lot of hang time with Stanely I had some time alone, while he was at work. Jobs are so pesky like that. 

Multiple times I did some yoga. I found a studio that was about a 5 min walk from the apt and went there a total of 4 times. It was called Yoga Tree on stayan st.  An excellent studio :-) I went to 4 differnt types of classes, and was a good reminder about what you can learn when you change up your teachers and styles. I'll need to remember to branch out when I'm home. 

Another thing I did with my solo free time was go to Grace Cathedral. Which to start is up a very long hill. 
Yeh I walked up that, which was less fun. But whatever. Hill training while on vacation isn't the worst thing in the world. But the cathedral itself was pretty. I love churchs and this one filled that. It has a labyrinth on the floor which was cool, and one outside in the courtyard (set in the stone.. In both cases) it was very calming and a great rainy day activity.  There was also some extra exhibit that involved ribbon (I don't know why but the rainbow effect was cool) 

The final major event was my jaunt to Sequioa national park. This I did solo because someone had the nerve to be on call. But hey, that's important. I will first say it didn't quite set in how far away it was until the night before. But in the end it was worth the drive. I rented probably my third rental car ever (which stanley and I enjoyed the night before) 

And headed out.  The drive other then long wasn't bad and I made it with some daylight. I plopped my stuff at the motel (I cheated a little) and went up the ranger station for some info. 
Passing the offical park sign in the process.  

I think I'll make a seperate post with the pictures, but it was amazing. The following day I drove up to 7000 ft and started at the General Sherman tree.  I admittedly didn't contend with the elevation and quickly realized extensive hiking was out the question.  But I did some short ones around there mostly. 

The following day I decided I wanted to drive home by going through the park. Fortunaly I didn't need tire chains so off I went. Unfortunately I hit the worst fog ever coming down the other side of the mountain and was very happy to make it to the bottem.  Other long drive and I rolled home pooped and happy. 

One the last day I had most of the day to kill before heading to the airport for a red eye flight. I ended up heading near the airport pretty early because I was warned that the traffic could be bad. So I had a bit too much time to kill. I ended up walking around San Bruno a bit and went to a very extensive Indian grocery store.  It got boring cause there wasn't enough to do but I was happy not to feel rushed. I dropped the car off and made it in without incident. The red eye was rough but double and made it home without any real drama. 

The trip was amazing and travel uneventful, which is all and all great. I'm very thankful to have a good friend to visit and the ability to rejuivinate myself in good company. 

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