Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm back... Getting there and Vancouver day 1

So I'm back. I didn't realize it had been so long since I had updated. I swear I've been doing stuff and that is why I haven't. I also just got lazy.. Ill admit it.  But I'm hopefully going to get back into it. I know I've said this before but maybe this will be different.... Maybe

So right now I'm in Vancouver with S. having a grand old time. I left Boston yesterday and had an uneventful but very long flight across the country to Vancouver.  So far I love the city. It has a really good vibe of a city and I love the laid back feel. 

Last night we roamed around the neighborhood to the hotel. Went to the grocery store ( a must when we get together) got some breakfast and snack items and hit up a liquor store to save money on drinks later. It felt very college y which is awesome. We came back and got ready for our night on the town. We went to dinner at the cactus club cafe near our hotel and then made our way to celebrities night club. It was REALLY crowded but fun to dance. And I didn't even mind the house music. 

The next day we slept in cause we got in at 3 am. Crazy right? Who am I .  When we left we decided to do a walking tour from the book. Which took us through china town and some other area.. Don't remember. But we saw a bunch of cool stuff. The steam clock, which was smaller then I thought and Canada place, where the ships leave from. And we walked though some really cute neighbor hoods. There was also this really cool Asian market called T and T supermarket. They had trype which to me makes it seem like definitely a non North American grocery.. 

We got burgers for dinner and fell our way home. Having managed to avoid the train for the entire day. Totally worth it though. It's fun to experience the city on foot. 

First day was completely awesome.  

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