Friday, May 24, 2013

Vancouver day 5

Yesterday started off with a visit to crossfit optimum performance. We had initially planned to go do something inside because it seemed like it would rain. But it looked amazing outside so we changed our mind.

After some breakfast and the required shower we set off on an adventure to Lynn Cannon park and suspension bridge. It was actually an adventure to get there because we had to take the train, water ferry and bus. It took about an hr and a half to get up to north Vancouver. 

The park was really pretty.  We initially crossed the suspension bridge right at the beginning. It wasn't actually that long but as someone who is afraid of heights it was still scary. It was good we had to cross it on the way back too... Cause it made it better and made me able to look down on the second run. 

We crossed and made our way to 30 ft pool. It actually looked a lot like my aunts farm in syvde Norway. There was a lot of large rocks and running water.  It was a beautiful place to have lunch and walk around. We made it almost to the water head at one point and then actually I managed to take a nap on a rock.... And s was sweet enough to let me.  It was a great naturie day. 

We did the return trip on the bus, boat train trip and relaxed in the hotel for a bit. It was actually pretty early because we planned to try out the Vancouver night life scene. Which we did. But it was dead... So didn't pan out exactly according to plan. We did have some drinks and some  good sushi ( a rec from someone at crossfit) and then snuggled up at home until I completely passed out from exhaustion. 

Really good day though :) 

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