Monday, October 14, 2013

That time I went to the loj

This weekend I had a very interesting experience. I went camping... For the first time in about 3 years. It actually may have been longer, basically I can't remember. 

The weekend started with a half day Friday. Which was great. I mean who doesn't love getting away early on Friday.  I boogied home and had some lunch and grabbed my large and in charge pack.  Technically speaking the pack is Ricky's but it was good to have one. It's amazing  how quickly it got heavy. 

The drive was relatively uneventful. I stopped twice, mainly to have a break... And make a grocery run, since I was instructed to bring mead up... Turns out mead is tasty.  Anyway, 4 hrs in the car and I was there. 

That's when the fun really began. I knew I had to park my car and walk about half a mile to get to the loj. So I loaded up and away I went. 

It was pretty quiet when I got there. Only 3 other people. They were playing lord of the rings risk. It was fun to watch. Otherwise there was a lot of hanging, a fire building "contest" and a game of monopoly.  While waiting for the masses to show up... Which there were a lot of. 

This is the sunset off the back deck on Friday... Holy crap right!

The sleeping pad was surprisingly comfortable, or maybe I just set my expectations super low so I was happy. And we were enough away from the clanging that the morning was not jarring. Apparently getting hung over college kids out of a tent involves a pot and wooden spoon, a la lets scare away the bears... Who knew.

Anyway. We ended up being a bit slow. Largely cause the boys were going climbing and therefore did not need to be up at a certain time. I on the other hand almost missed my chance to go hiking. I went with a small group that was leaving straight from the loj. It was a tough hike. But we took the shelbourne trail.. And were going to summit (something) but I sort of died a bit so I didn't quite make it. Instead I bundled up in a fork in the road. Read my book and waiting for the group to start back tracking.

Little did I know at the time... The rest of the group had a a different plan. When they got back it was decided to bush wack to Howe peak... Which was and a quote "oh just 1.5 miles straight east " keep in mind... From where we were standing straight east was trees... No trail no nothing.   I maned up and went and actual it was kind of fun... Minus the head scraps.  

Of course we got to the top and it was so cloudy that it looked night like.

The sort of funny thing was we beat the other group that was going up Howe peak. But they were bush wacking I think the whole way, they got back a good 2 hrs after me. 

Once we summited we headed back to hopefully make it back by 7pm. Ill say this now, I was the slow one. Thank god we had two guides cause one stayed with me while the other went with the 3 very practiced hiker girls in my group.  The way down was relatively uneventful except for missing the last turn off and having to walk and extra 2 miles around the highway :(  

The rest of the evening relatively relaxing. I sort of waited around for the boys. Then we ate, drank and were merry. Went to sleep very sore but happy. 

Sunday (13oct13) I knew would likely be a lazy get up relaxing, eat and leave situation and it was. I departed and the boys went repelling... Which would have been fun, but there is always next time. All in all.  Excellent weekend. 

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