Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I am enough

I've been doing a lot of thinking about how I approach life and the fact that I am the supreme undervaluer of myself. I don't really believe in the whole law of attraction, but there is something to think of when you completely know you underestimate yourself. 

The question of course comes with how do you fix it, or change something that is completely internal to yourself. 

The first thing I've been doing has been instituting this new mantra. " I am enough" especially during my yoga practice, which is really one of the few times I can be truly in tune with my internal being. This mantra was actually given to me by a fellow yogi and I don't think she even knows. It's so beautifully simple that it really perfect. And that is really why I like yoga. I mean I think lots of people would agree that the first step to any change is to accept the truth about wherever your starting point is. I mean how can I change something if I don't admit where the "start" is. Be it behaviorally, cognitively or social.,. And really I think about all of them. But I need to stop thinking seventeen steps ahead and realize even if I want to change something the first thing I need to do is accept myself.

I am enough...I am enough... I am enough 

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