Monday, October 7, 2013

Try new stuff

So trying new stuff is always a bit scary. So it's nice when you get that little external push / support to do something that you would otherwise just think about doing. 

What pray tell have I been doing? I have been rock climbing. More specifically I went bouldering once and top rope climbing once. The main difference, bouldering is done without rope, so the wall is Way! Shorter. I bet there are other distinctions too, that I will learn at some point.  

But the really cool thing about it is this is now the second thing that I've tried this year that I've really liked. It has also made me more aware of one of the major benefits of crossfit. You feel like a bad ass in other avenues.  I mean I don't think if I wasn't doing crossfit I would feel really as physically adept at things.  

Even though the first time was scary. I realized quickly that I could actually get myself up the easy routes. Obviously to have no technique and that may come later... If I stick with it. Now I'm mainly enjoying the novelty of the newness:)

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