Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekend of fun ness

This weekend was really fun, and somewhat typical for me.  I always have plans or things planned out, and then other things transpire, and it is all good. 

Friday night 18oct13 - yoga night as usual. The assisting was rejuvenating as always, especially since Abby and I had not been united in a few weeks. I love assisting cause it just makes me feel good. Giving some loving to some people, completely perfect for a friday. 

My post class practice with Sarah was Great as well. And we decided to change things up and go to life alive for dinner. I ended up staying at the restaurant cause my buddy Kate was there so the night ended with nice Convo.

Saturdays 19oct13
This weekend was the head of the Charles regatta so I wanted to make sure to get my butt to the water to watch alittle. I always like watching but this year was fun since I have a bit of an understanding of what makes the boat go :) it also helped that the weather was awesome. Laurel met me down in Harvard sq. 

After a bit I had to boogie to acupunture and laundry for the afternoon. And the day ended making a delicious dinner and good company. 

Sunday 20oct13

The day started with a great brunch at Kelly's dinner in Somerville. If you haven't been there... Go, that's all I'm saying just go. You won't be disappointed. 

Then it was off to the east Cambridge rib fest. Which was also delicious. It's basically a street fair in east Cambridge where you can try different ribs from places. There were many good ones and there will definitely be some further culinary trials in my future. 

Once that was over I needed to move so I thought it would be fun to check out the fells. Which is near my house. I did a short hike in the fells, though I got a little annoyed cause I kept running into the road. Noooo! The whole point was to be in  nature. And as you can tell it was beautiful. 

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