Thursday, September 6, 2012

Points and pins

I always feel that four day weeks make the work week so much long. It's like the days slow down because the world knows there is only 4 days of work. Anyway tomorrow is Friday and im super happy it is, cause I'm pooped and want to have the weekend again. And I'm doing self care Saturday so that makes it awesome as well.

But today I went back to acupuncture. Woohoo. I got a new student. She seems nice so far. It's always interesting to get a new person cause everyone is a bit different in their needling style. So I wondered what she would be like. She was a very forceful needler. My hands are still sore. But at least she commits to the needle placement. But I came across nice and relaxed so all is good. Hopefully some of symptoms disapait. they did before so I will assume that it will continue to work :)

Now off to bed

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