Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rest days

Rest days are important. I know they are but it is something that I struggle to actually do. I am constantly on the move pretty much where ever I am. And I frequently don't slow down really until quite literally my body gives out. Not the best tactic I have to admit.

This week as been a light week due to some scheduling things in the evening. I went to crossfit on Monday and had an awesome workout. We did squats, thrusters, toes to bar... All sort of great moves some of which I'm good at and some not so much( hint: I call toes to bar... Toes up) anyway I digress.

I woke up Tuesday with the plan to do some running but I felt sort of shitty all day. So the best laid plan did not happen. And I was fine with it cause I've been oddly sore lately and I think cause I've been pushing myself really hard. So the rest of this week has been light. I assisted at yoga yesterday and will again tomorrow but otherwise I don't have much physical stuff going on. Do I feel bad that I didn't do two crossfit days... Alittle but I know I need to take care of myself so that's more important and taking it easy this week will pay off in the long run.

Additionally I started to be much more cognizant of my meals. And I've felt really good for the last couple days. So there is definitely the motivation to keep it going. Paleo all the way babe.

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