Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend fun

In providence... And elsewhere. I feel like I could also call this post.. Don't stop moving. Because basically I don't and didn't since Friday after work.

Friday night I went to yoga and had a lovely practice. An then I did some assisting. It was great as always and great to have my usual teacher back from her vacation. It is definitely a great deal easier to assist when you know the teacher well because it's alot easier to predict where the are going to go in the flow. It feels much more natural. Also one of my buddies came to my assisting class so that was fun too :) after class I boogied home and went out to the parentals for my brothers birthday. The funny thing about it though was we actually had cake without my brother because he was out on his boat with his friends. It's a bit weird but makes perfect sense. If you know him.

Saturday I got up early to go look at a car in west Roxbury. Which I ended up purchasing it. Woot woot. So I now have a Honda fit. Good bye squirrel car. I still have to go back to the dealership one more time but it is all done.

After a long time at the car dealership and I was zooming down the highway to my honey. I got to spend a nice afternoon with my boo. We went apple picking. And then I got to meet some new people which was fun. It's always good to meet new people.

Sunday I went on the Boston arthritis walk. A nice three mile walk with some Aopi. Alums some of whom I hadn't seen in awhile. So it was great to catch up. But I'm exhausted now and off to bed.

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