Sunday, November 25, 2012

London day 2

I've been in London for alittle over a day. Considering I got to my place of sleep around 1pm yesterday. And I've already been able to check off a few things.

Yesterday I went to the Churchill war rooms. Which were not initially on my list but recommended by F. And it was actually pretty cool. It was all the bunker rooms that Churchill used during his world war 2 days. They also had a museum of church ills life which was ok. I didn't like the way it was set up. Because I've noticed British exhibits are kind of backwards from what I would expect. So being tired and not really getting the flow of the exhibit I didn't do so hot. But the war rooms were really neat.

Oh I forgot to mention I got to see Big Ben at night. Cause it's right outside the train stop. So that was cool. Now just have to see it during the day.

After the war rooms I decided to try to get to Piccadilly Circus. Mainly cause I'd heard it looks like time square. Which I did and it does. I just got a bit turned around in doing it. So I was so tired when I got there so I basically just saw and went home (aka back to A's house) due to tired and hungry. I stopped at white rose and got some pre- made stuff. Which F recommended as pretty good. And they had an amazing selection. So I was happy.

After eating this sicko decided to try her hand at a run. Shocker that is actually felt felt pretty good and I didn't get lost. Double score.

Today was also excellent. I met up with my travel partner S and we had a bit of a lazy morning since he just got in. I was nice and let him take a two hour nap. Thank god for netflixs on my phone. Ironically my phone lets me stream but the computer doesn't... Weird right?

Anyway, then we went to the Tower of London. Aka where the Crown Jewels are . It was way cool. And I'm so glad we payed the large-ish sum to go. The only bummer, no pictures allowed. So I got stuff of the tower. But no jewels.

There was also a very extensive collection of armor in a different building in the tower complex. Which had all sorts of stuff for the ages. We had fun in there... Me mainly acting like an idiot and S capturing it on film. So that was awesome too!

Now we are off to dinner at this place called Hugo. I will say ill be eating well on this trip because S has way better taste then I do. And I'm ok with that. Off for a good meal before I eat my arm off

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