Friday, November 30, 2012


Greetings from London. Time to update about the last two days. It's been a great two days and I can't believe I only have three more on this leg of the trip.

Yesterday I started the day by sleeping in a bit. It felt good after being so exhausted from the pace that we'd been keeping up. It was a bit intense so I needed a slow day.

I went running through A s neighborhood. And got lost. I didn't bring my tube pass. Admittedly stupid cause I ended up about a mile and a half away with the only way to get was to walk and run back. So a quick 20 - 30 min run turned into a 50 min run. Oops. And the annoying part it didn't even end up being that far.

I made it back and changed to go to central London crossfit. There again I got a bit turned around. The gym door was actually a bay door so it was a bit confusing to figure out where it was. I also ended up on the wrong street. So I ended up going to the elements class a half hr later. Which meant I was a half hr behind schedule... Which meant I was late to meet S. oops... Shit happens. I got to press series myself so all good.

Once we met up again we headed to Buckingham Palace. They only change the guard every other day but not the day we went . Still cool and got to see the guys in the fluffy hats :) all worth it. We roamed around that area for awhile.. And then I decided I needed food so we grabbed a sandwich and walked some more. Around the area.

We ended up in a shopping area that was very swanky. There was a huge burberry, among other things... Not exactly the places I shop but still really fun to walk around.

We went to a very local pub for dinner. Which had really good food. Then we went back.

The next day started off with an early crossfit workout again. 8 rounds of 200 meter run, 20 kettle bell gobblet squats and 20 sit up. So I was dead after that.

Fortunately the next location I was headed too was actually close to the gym. So I walked over to the Globe theater, or the replica of it, since the real burned down. But it was really cool to see. I mean I've never been to an outdoor theater and it was cool to see what a theater replica was like.

After that I walked along the river and over the bridge to St Paul's Cathedral. It was so pretty pretty. And I went up to this place in church called the whisper gallery. It involved a large number of stairs. I also went to the crypt... Yes dead people but it was good.

I then went to get some food and make my way to Oxford circus. I was going to take the train but I actually passed a bus. So I got my double decker bus experience. Woohoo!

I walked around Carneby st and did some shopping. I really like those shops. They are very eclectic. Which I like. :)

I went home and got ready to go to the theater. Then A, F, S and I went to kiss me Kate :) awesome blossom. And such a good show.

Then it was off to bed

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