Friday, November 30, 2012

Oxford bound

Today we went to Oxford. As in Cambridge and Oxford. Well A and I did. We had a leisurely morning getting ready then headed out by car.

It was a little over an hour drive but not bad, especially since I didn't have to drive. We parked and made our way to Magdelean College. The whole town is set up with these little colleges.. Which apparently are all their own entities. Which I didn't know. So that is pretty cool. So we saw Magdelean first which was super pretty and apparently has a deer park.

Then we went to New College. Which was one of the two used for Harry Potter. Which quite honestly all of the places reminded me of the movies. So that was so fun :)

Then we went to HIGH TEA!!! It was so fun and tasty. I got English breakfast tea, and found out I at least like that kind with milk. Go figure. I wouldn't have guessed. But it was so English :) and really cute.

The last college we went to was Christ church college. The stairwell was from the first Harry potter. And the dinning hall was the inspiration for the hog warts dinning hall.

We walked around a bit, and then headed home.

All four of us went to a kabob house for dinner :) tasty tasty

Indian food in Britain.... Yes please :)

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