Thursday, November 1, 2012

Winds of change

So I'm such a lazy ass lately. It's not even like I've not been doing anything blog worthy. It's just I'm too lazy to write about.

Today my focus is digestion or in my case lack there of. The last few weeks I've been having more trouble then usual which has led me to inch toward a more extreme diet change. Anyone who's known me for awhile knows I go in and out of fascination with the paleo diet. It at times had felt to extreme. And others just too hard to follow. But the I started to listen to the Balanced Bites podcast and realized that I was focusing on paleo perfection. And that was unachievable. I needed to work out what I could do and be successful with. Like do I want to completely give up diet soda.... No.. And I that is ok with me. And I hate to subject other people to my dietary choice but I want to heal my gutt so off to paleo lad I go. It does help that it get rid of some excess weight too.. And who doesn't like a diet that allows you to have al the bacon you want :) I mean come on

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