Monday, November 26, 2012

Tired tootsies

Today was another wonderful day in London. Actually it was a pretty funny day all things considering. It started off at a decent hour. I vetoed meeting S any time earlier then 9am. So we met at 9 at the Swiss cottage tube stop. Which is the one between A's house and his hotel. I got there right on time and off course had to wait because that is what happens. But he came shortly after and we were off.

The first stop today I thought would be the Olympic village. Little did we know its not open to the public again yet. As someone who's been to the Olympic villages in Montreal and Lillehammer I didn't really think about it. But I guess there is a certain amount of reprep does happen. So we were able to stand In the shop across the way and take pictures of the stadium. I mean it was a good view but not the up close an personal view we thought. We also had fun in the department store that we had to go through getting into the Christmas spirit . And buying a few ornaments. Or at least I did.

Well that took about a quarter of the time we thought it would so we headed back downtown toward Westminster abbey, the parliament building. And Big Ben. Got lots of shots of Ben in the light. Which is much easier. And then S wanted to go on the London eye. Aka the jumbo Farris wheel in London. So have I mentioned I'm sort of really afraid of heights. But I like views... Don't ask. I have no idea why that is the case but it is. But I went and it was admittedly VERY cool. I only got light headed and nauseous in the top half of the circle. So score for me. And it was awesome.

By that point it was well time for lunch so we went to the first restaurant that looked ok. Japanese bento time :) it was tasty and came with lots of veggies. Just what I needed.

After lunch we made our way back to Westminster Abby to get a closer look at it. And I wanted to go in... Which we did. And I am thrilled we did. Cause it was both kind of creepy and completely awesome! There were basically a ton of tombs all around the outside of the building. With famous people like Shakespeare, Handel, all of the Brontes, Jane Austin, Isaac Newton. To name a few. Needless to say it was pretty awesome.

We finished that and S wanted to go back to the hotel to shower before dinner. Which I didn't think was necessary. I mean its a 30 min ish ride both ways... Ill have dinner sweaty thanks. Anyway so I decided to go to harrods.

I'm so glad I did. It's just a really really fun place. It took a little work to get there from where I was both worth it. First off the outside was done up with lights and it was just pretty. The street level displays where really cool too! For some reason they were doing a Disney princess couture theme. Way snazzy regardless. So walking was a bit overwhelming but I found a guide and was better. There was actually a person giving directions which is common. So I didn't feel to silly. The architecture of the building is just amazing... I mean they have nice stuff obviously... Think sacks or bergdorf goodman (or at least that's how I think of those stores since I don't go in them) but they have this escalators that is Egyptians themed. It was gorgeous. I also looked in the Christmas section... Ogled the crackers. They had huge ones with me chains and stuff in them. And an amazing toy store. It was awesome all around. I may have to go back.

I didn't stay as long as I wanted cause I had to meet S for dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant 15. Talk about fine dinning. The menu was quite lux. I got scallops which were amazing. Melt in your mouth. A perfect end to a long but awesome day.

After dinner we went back to A's so that S and A could meet and possibly get a converter. And then we all went to bed... Very late to get up very early to go to Paris.

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