Sunday, January 19, 2014

Washington DC day 1


Ok, so after a less then ideal start I made it the Baltimore airport only 2 hrs later than planed so in the grand scheme of things, not bad. I connected with Andrea and we were on out way. 

After a quick stop at her place to drop the bags, we hopped on the subway to go to Union Market. Apparently during the summer it's pretty big and has a whole farmers market with it. Now of course it was just inside and had mostly food stalls, ideal for lunch.  We dined at this noodle place and I'm pretty sure I tried trype... Wasn't a huge fan but mostly for the mental aspect. But the noodle soup definitely had some atypical animal parts. We also had sticky buns and finished it off with cupcakes ( from a different stall). It was good to get some real food since I'd had a Special K bar and a scone up to that point. 

After that is was back on the train and off to the natural history museum. The museum was packed, but really cool. I liked the gems exhibit, and the mammals exhibit.  We also saw the Hope diamond.   Not as big as you'd think, but still very cool. 

There was a number of bones and fossil exhibits as well, which was really neat. I liked the skeletons because it was interesting to see which animals were skeltally similar, but look nothing alike when cover up.   And of course the dinosaurs prompted a discussion about Jurassic Park... Like is bound to happen. We stayed at the museum pretty much until close and then redevoused with Franto to get home. 

Dinner was Indian food from near by, and then we attempted to watch a movie.  I say attempted because I kept dozing off and after half an hr we all gave up. Ironically I was in bed by 9.   Apparently I needed the extra sleep.  That's what I get for wearing myself ragged.  But sleep is awesome as well..... So it doesn't matter. 

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