Saturday, January 18, 2014

Washington DC... Enroute

I guess technically I'm flying to Baltimore, but that is still pretty close, and the goal of this trip is to see Andrea in DC so semantics semantics. 

Got up at 4:45, which in the grand scheme of things isn't bad. Early but not aweful. Since I get up by 5:15 for crossfit anyway.  Threw clothes on, since at that hr there was no way a morning shower was in the works.  That happened at night, after packing and driving to newton.   I was actually so out of it last night I almost passed out on the couch cause I sat down for a min. It was good I made it to newton when I did.  

Made it to Logan uneventful, and through security slowly but uneventfully.  I'm always glad I'm good at not completely spazzing out at airports. We were waiting in line and this women comes running down the speed aisle, saying she has a flight at 624... And I'm like whatever lady, go ahead... Realizing after that she may be on my flight... Yep she was.  Stupid. It's called take a breath people.  

Speaking of take a breath, I definitely spoke too soon.  Two runs of electrical issues, meant two trips back to the gate, a deplaneing, a walk through terminal C and then getting on the plane again.  Oops.   Though I did get to talk to two very interesting people who ironically were having longer travel issues then me.  So yay, meeting fun people. 

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