Sunday, January 19, 2014

Washington DC day 2


Today started off slow, even after getting of bed at 9 pm I really didn't want to get up in the morning. And the fact that I didn't hear Andrea or Franto meant I definitely had no modivation.  I eventually mobilized, showered, and had some trail mix to hold me over, and started my book.... Labor Day... So far pretty good. 

We eventually all mobilized and the plan was to get brunch.  unfortunately since it was Sunday of a long weekend the wait was a bit much. So instead we went straight to the Eden Center.

This place was totally wild. It is a Vitamamese shopping mall in the middle of Virginia.  It was mostly restaurants and we got lunch there of delicious vermicelli and spring rolls. It was awesome and very authentic.  

Then it was off to the air and space museum in Virginia. This was completely nerdy and cool. They had a plane section and space section.  Both were pretty awesome but I definitely like the space stuff better. Some of the older models it was pretty impressive that they actually worked and when you saw how close the  quarters were it was amazing people were willing to spend a week or two in them. 
Stealth fighter 
The shiney one.... Apparently just a training plane
Space shuttle discovery - fun fact it was used to bring the Hubble telescope up there and fix it.... I have a thing for the Hubble, maybe because it's old, but I think it's just really cool. 

Weird plane that can turn into a car

Floating platform - very odd 

So clearly it was pretty cool. After the museum I went with Andrea and Franto to run a few errands, I never mind a trip to trader joes :-) and then we went to dinner. 

We went to this place called Open City. It was really good. We had actually tried to go there for brunch but bailed because of the wait. So I got my eggs at the end of the day. It was delicious egg burger thing and they had sides of broccoli so mission increase fiber could continue. 

We all came back and watched the end of this French movie that was pretty funny called "the closet". Highly recommend basically because of the sheer ridiculousness of the whole thing.  

Bed was a little later.... To feel slightly less lame :-) 

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